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It’s hard to find another real estate agent in Dallas who is as hard working, honest, experienced and personable as Tim Stoll . Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin over 18 years ago Tim Stoll came to Dallas in a corporate relocation for a top financial services company . Real estate has been a great passion of Tim since a young age. Being a full time REALTOR® the past 16 plus years and lucky enough to work in one of the best cities in the world. Over the yearsTim and his team of local professionals have assisted hundreds of families achieve their goals and reach the dreams of home ownership. Tim Stoll is an expert in many areas of real estate including foreclosure homes, second homes, first time home buying and quick sales. Having experience in all parts of residential real estate including home buying and house selling.

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There are many reasons autumn is a good time to buy a house. But, because spring and summer are traditionally seen as the best seasons for home shoppers, the housing market often cools in the months

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Figuring Out The Best Down Payment Strategy

Coming up with a down payment strategy can be difficult for some buyers – especially first-time home buyers who don't have the benefit of a home to sell. In fact, among first-time home buyers,

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Number Of Home Showings Increases Year Over Year

The number of times a particular property is scheduled for a home showing is a good indication of how much interest buyers have in that listing. Similarly, tracking showings on a nationwide

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How To Make Buying A House Less Complicated

When asked, Americans overwhelmingly say they value homeownership and believe it increases financial stability. In fact, one recent survey found 93 percent of respondents said they felt that

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